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Hi, I'm Jen :-) 


I've loved writing since I was a kid, and still dream of writing the Great American Novel ;-) I'm not there yet, but hope this site will be a place to share thoughts and dialogue. 


How does what we're reading impact us? What about the music that we listen to? The ability of art and media to shift our perspectives and cause us to see the world differently is something that I'm always curious about.  


My Christian faith, personal growth, and exploring the beliefs of others is also an immense part of my life. Without Christ, I'm nothing. I like to look for evidence of His goodness & life-lessons not only within the walls of the church, but also in popular culture. 

I love words, ideas and seeing the change they can bring about in people's lives.  I hope you'll check out some of my posts and also leave a comment so we can dialogue.  You can also find me on social media @jreadsjwrites. 

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